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Here are some of the APP review where some users reporting it as fake* Why you guys launch the app while app is not complete. I think you did not test the app before uploading. I tried to book a ride , app shows bike is 3 mins away but when i click confirm, message is no driver found. test the app first, then statrt providing service through app
* This app looks so fake really.. not a single reply from the company for all reviews? I tried using it but expected I can book bike from anywhere and found it doesn’t work at all …. Think before investing your time and money …
* This is fake app and this is concept for taking money from customers because the service is not available in Noida Gurgaon Delhi so this application is only for making money to the company
* Fake… Where is Rs 62000 of customer s. No bike available. Even not able to book for later.
* Fake company ….Koi jhanse me mat aana …..Fake review hai
* Time wasting app. They claim to be available in greater noida but not even a single bike available for ride. I tried to book ride from this app from noida and greater noida both but no bikes are showing. Fake app. Dont download and dont waste your time.
* Money circulation company. Baxi Bike Taxi is genuine. In Baxi Bike Taxi anyone can have bike from company ride their own and earn. Bot Bike is fake company. One day this company will disappear. Fake company
* It’s a fraud model being implemented in market.. beware of concept they have… It’s completely money rotation organization which will run away some day…
* Looks like fraud company…how can they give such huge returns in a shortar span of time….it’s just circulating the money…. people who invested earlier might get some profit…when the company earn alot it also run away abroad like maliya and nirav…I sincerely advice please not to invest in
Most of them has standared reply “We apologize for the inconvenience. We appreciate your feedback to enhance the App.” ,  only invest when you see the it a legit
Source and Click to see more reviews  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bikebot.customer&hl=en_IN&showAllReviews=true