iOS 13 is finally here and ready for download and Install

10 of the most exciting new iOS features are as follows

Dark Mode

The year long demand is over now you can have Dark Mode on iPhone and you can have Dark Mode come on automatically at night.

Swipe Typing

No need to lift your finger to type the text


iOS comes with blazing fast speed, iOS 13 launch speed is twice fast as iOS 12

Apple Arcade

Yes it is here, now play your favorite game at $5/month subscription. Apple arcade trailer is here

Smaller apps

Running out of space, need not to worry. In iOS 13 apps will be packaged in a new way and can make app 50% smaller.

New Camera options

iOS 13 has a host of new camera features, including additional portrait lighting effects

Revamped Photos app

Easier access to Wi-Fi settings and Bluetooth

Silence ALL Unknown Callers

Low Data Mode