CJ Affiliate’s tag tracking utilizes both our tagging and a third-party cookie to support attribution and reporting for your affiliate program. Recent industry developments, particularly GDPR and Apple ITP 2.0, can inhibit CJ from utilizing our third-party cookie at the time of conversion. Advertisers who are using a legacy tag-based integration will need to update their integrations to include our cookieless tracking solution. Our tag-based cookieless tracking is a free, privacy-compliant, simple enhancement that takes minutes to implement and solves for cookie-loss related tracking limitations such as the GDPR, private browsing, and user deleted cookies.

How does it work?

CJ will include a URL parameter and value containing a unique event ID on all of your affiliate links. You will store this value and when that customer transacts, you will pass that same value back to CJ in your tracking tag. CJ will use this value to attribute that transaction to the original click, and will record and commission the transaction appropriately.


Step 1 : Collect the Cjevent ID sent in the query string. Create a logic so that the Cjevent ID changes if new value is supplied. If not save the Cjevent ID in cookie or session variable

Step 2 : pass the same Cjevent ID value to CJ on your THANK YOU page. Tag query string example: https://www.emjcd.com/u?CID=XXXXXXX&TYPE=XXXXXX&CURRENCY=USD&AMOUNT=50&OID=zyx123&METHOD=IMG&CJEVENT=1234abcd

Step 3 : Contact CJ to update your profile to include CJEVENT querystring

Step 4 : When they confirm complete some test transactions using CJ TAG TESTING. You Tag Testing result should also show  CJEVENT value.

Step 5 : Confirm this to CJ support