HTTP Errors and web.config Lock Violation

Following are the steps to configure ASP error logs or HTTP error.

Step 1 : Open applicationHost.config from location C:\Windows\System32\inetsrv\config (do take backup at another location )

Step 2 : Remove defaultPath from <httpErrors…>

<httpErrors lockAttributes=”allowAbsolutePathsWhenDelegated,defaultPath”>

Step 3 : OPEN IIS – Select Website -> Double Click Error Page ICON -> Double 500 -> In popup window under Excecute a URL on this site -> type you script page name as /errorloggingfile.asp

The application root directory will have web.config. Open newly created web.config and change

<httpErrors> –> <httpErrors defaultPath=”/errorloggingfile.asp” defaultResponseMode=”ExecuteURL”>

NOTE : Lock Violation happens if you already have the web.config in application. In that Case remove web.config. In this case save a copy of your original web.config and do above 3 step and then copy data from original web.config